Spiderman Alphabet Cards: Free Printable!

Spiderman Alphabet Cards: Free Printable!

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These Spiderman alphabet cards are a great way to get your little superhero in on some hands-on engaging activities. This type of education follows the Montessori method of learning and works well for most children, including those with sensory issues. There are many different ways to use these alphabet cards, so let me show you how they worked for our son!Spiderman Alphabet Cards-2

Liam is a hands-on learner. He is still very much into play learning, and that is really exciting for me because I love creating activities and crafts that engage him and make him smile. He is really into superheroes, especially Spiderman. So I created these Spiderman alphabet cards which I have used several different ways.

Montessori Sand Tray

Sensory Sand Box alphabetThe Montessori sand tray is one of my favorite activities because it is hands-on. My son enjoys writing in the sand so it is not a daunting task. It allows his little creative spirit to thrive as he practices writing the uppercase and lowercase letters and high frequency words. Likewise, it fulfills his sensory needs (he is a sensory seeker, we also have an avoider). For this activity, I used a shoe box and salt. However, you can use Tubaware, a mini sandbox or dollar tree bin and you can fill it with any powderlike substance. Sugar, salt, sand, or you can even use rice. Add a little flare to it by coloring it with food coloring. Super simple. Add a few drops of essential oil to the sand and create more of a sensory tray. You can also purchase the actual Montessori tray from Amazon, this one comes with a lid and the colored sand.

Print the Spiderman Alphabet cards and laminate. I use this laminator.

I have had it for 3 years and it has done a lot of work for me. Cut the alphabet cards and place in a plastic bag or storage container. Fill your box, whichever you choose, with your sand. Then sit with your little learner and have them choose a card and trace the letters in the sand. When done bag the sand in a ziplock and store it until next time.


Go Fish Alphabet Cards

My son also loves games and so creating a Go Fish game was a no-brainer for me. In order to create your own game, just print off two sets of the alphabet cards and laminate. Then follow the go fish directions (modify for TWO instead of FOUR like cards).Alphabet Go Fish

Each player gets five alphabet cards. If you are dealt a two of a kind or get two of a kind during gameplay, those cards are removed from your hand, and you get a point. Moving clockwise, players take turns asking a specific player for a given letter of a card.

I hope that you and your little superhero enjoy these Spiderman alphabet cards and have hours of learning fun with them. You can print them for free here!


This activity aligns with Florida Standards: 



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