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Want to know how to make a gratitude turkey? So did we, and now it’s a tradition. Every year starting November first, we kick off the Thanksgiving season with a Gratitude turkey. We have done this tradition since Lucas was two. we discuss all that we are grateful for and take the time to remember what the holiday season is about. It is a process of creating this turkey, cutting his feathers out and having a long discussion about all the things we are thankful for each year. It is pretty much the most important part of Thanksgiving to me. I want my kids to really think about and appreciate all of their blessings.

Since Lorelei’s heart surgery and my brain surgery, this has become so much more than a traditional craft. We really have a lot to be thankful for and most of it is not something tangible. That makes for an amazing discussion as well. Get your little ones thinking and create a tradition of your own!

The Gratitude Turkey craft is popular now more than ever it seems, here is a how we do it!


How To Make a Gratitude Turkey

Make hot coco or tea! This is important, you will be having a lengthy discussion and its a beautiful way to create a memorable family tradition.
Cut out 1 big circle and 1 smaller circle on brown construction paper (make it the size you want, we make a pretty big one).
Cut out a beak and two legs from orange construction paper.
Cut a gobbler from red construction paper.
Using several colors of construction paper, make several feathers. Take the pieces of paper and fold them in half. Trace fat feathers on it and cut it all at once. This not only saved time but also made the feathers pretty symmetrical.
Glue the body onto a white poster board.
Add 2 big googly eyes.
Get your hot coco or tea and talk about things we were thankful for. Write each thing on a feather. (Younger kids can draw on the feathers, so they are also involved!)
Glue all the feathers on the turkey.
Hang it some where everyone can see and enjoy!!!


Who makes you smile?

Who is someone you can always talk to?

What are you most thankful for?

When you need help, who comes to mind first?

When you are angry, what helps?

When you are sick, what and who helps?

The biggest thing you are thankful for?

The smallest thing you are thankful for?

What do you think mommy and daddy are most thankful for?

What is the best thing about our house?

What is your favorite day of the week and why?

How do we get places?

What do we do every Sunday and who do we talk to there?

Who is someone who makes the world a better place?

Encourage your littles to make someone feel good and put kindness into this world. I created a free printable mini card. Have them write a little note to someone they are thankful for and give it to them!! Everyone appreciates knowing they are appreciated!


Watch us make our gratitude turkeys! (VIDEO)

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