Do-A-Dot Number Find | Spot It Dot It Free Printable

Do-A-Dot Number Find | Spot It Dot It Free Printable

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Do-A-Dot markers are so much fun! My kids love any activity using them and I love that they get to be creative without the mess. I created a FREE number finder printable for numbers 1-5. Do-a-dots are basically BINGO markers. We are working on memorizing numbers, and it’s fall, so why not add some pumpkins!

Do-A-dot Number Printable

For this do-a-dot number activity, have students mark the number in the pumpkin. You can have them count and see how many dots they put on the number they were looking for. It is a fun, interactive number search that will help them with number recognition.

For emerging math students, a cluster of numbers is overwhelming–but that’s exactly what they are going to encounter when they approach more complex math problems. This activity will give them a somewhat overwhelming visual: a page full of numbers. BUT, they will then have the chance to use their memory to scan the page for the correct choice! The idea is that they can get more comfortable when being presented with a bunch of data.

Also, there is the concept of “sight” recognition. Just like with sight words, they don’t have to sound them out to know what word they are looking at. In the end, your student will benefit by being able to look at the page as a whole, and spot numerals at a glance. This will help them to quickly recognize which number they are supposed to mark.

Another great extension of the activity is to cover up the number in the pumpkin. You can use a sticky note, then say the number aloud. By giving them the number verbally, they will learn to connect the “sound” of the number with the “shape,” which is a critical skill for younger students who are still learning 0-10.

If you want, you can even set a timer and have students compete in a friendly race to see who marks all of the appropriate numbers first! If you’re teaching only one student, have a timer or a mini-hourglass to see if they can beat their own times!


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