DIY Pumpkin Slime Tutorial: No Borax Slime Recipe (VIDEO)

DIY Pumpkin Slime Tutorial: No Borax Slime Recipe (VIDEO)

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This DIY Pumpkin slime tutorial is one of the easiest hands on activities I’ve done with my kids. The best part – this is a no borax slime recipe! My kids have very sensitive skin so the borax is a no go for us. I couldn’t be happier with the way this turned out, the slime is still slimey 24 hours later (we stored in a ziplock). The kids are able to do this one on their own, I just put the ingredients into little containers and let them dump them into a bowl. We posted the video below which shows you exactly how to make pumpkin slime with a real pumpkin.

No Borax Slime Recipe:

60z Glitter Glue

1 Tablespoon Saline Solution

.75 Baking Soda

If you want to make it no borax pumpkin slime, add a pumpkin! Though I will add that the pumpkin seeds easily popped out, they did not become stuck in there at all. Someone also noted in the comments of our YouTube video that you can add pumpkin spice for a great smelly (in a good way!) pumpkin slime!!

The Science Of Slime

Of course as homeschoolers we have to get into the science of slime!!! Making slime is one of the things we do often. Our kindergartner is obsessed!!! Our eldest likes it, but he has a Sensory Processing Disorder so the texture isn’t really for him, but he has come a long way and got his hands dirty this time!!

We loved this article that really explains why slime is, well slime!! Why it oozes, but doesn’t stick. Why it is like a liquid, but also a solid. Slime is also a hands on activity to tie into lessons on gravity and velocity. At the end of this article they also provide a recipe for slime with borax, if that is something you prefer.

Of course slime can be made year round and implemented into your lesson. It’s a great hands on activity that get those little brains thinking and stimulated.


Check out our video below, where all three of our kids get involved in the slime making process. Remember to keep your pumpkin slime in a ziplock bag or air tight container or it will become hard as a rock! Let us know what you thought of the slime recipe and how it worked for you!


Pumpkin Slime Tutorial: No Borax Recipe


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