DIY Minecraft Creeper Head: Tinkercad 3D Printing

DIY Minecraft Creeper Head: Tinkercad 3D Printing

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This DIY Minecraft creeper head proves it is so much more than a video game, it can also be used as an educational tool. Tying in something kids love to an educational lesson can help kids really enjoy learning and really solidify those connections to the educational aspect of life. We are all about creating captivating learning experiences for our little homeschoolers. Our boys, especially our 7 year old, absolutely loves Lucas. There are ways to incorporate Minecraft into everyday learning. In fact, there are some pretty cool websites that even have lesson plans that have Minecraft built in.

We use the library as one of our free homeschooling resources. They are always offering classes, activities, read aloud, puppet shows and more. It is daily here and we really have a nice range of things to choose from. This week they offered a class on Tinkercad. Now, my brother is a developer and has been telling me that I need to get my kids into it. I had no idea how much they would enjoy the activity, of course it helped that it was all about Minecraft.

Tinkercad is a simple, online 3D design and 3D printing app for everyone. Tinkercad is used by designers, hobbyists, teachers, and kids, to make toys, prototypes, home decor, Minecraft models, jewelry – the list is truly endless!

We registered for the Minecraft 3d design craft and the boys were able to create and print their very own 3d Creeper!!! The class took a little less than an hour and they were given written instructions as well as walked through creating the 3d Creeper by the instructor who modeled it for the class on a large screen. It was really neat to see how into it they were. And now that that have taken the 3d Printing Tinkercad class, they have that certification on their library cards and can create their own 3d models at home and bring it in on a thumb drive to have it printed out at the library!!


Free educational tools are really how we make our learning experiences unique and fun. It gets us out of the house, meeting and interacting with other people and in a different learning environment, which is really wonderful for the whole family. We enjoy the classes the library has to offer. Be sure to check yours out and give it shot!!


Creating A 3D Minecraft Creeper Video

You can create your 3d Creeper head as a Halloween costume…..Or just order one of Amazon.

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