Our Channels

We believe in overcoming obstacles and coming out on top against all odds. We are teaching our children that through hard work and dedication, they can accomplish anything they set their minds too. Our story is being told in daily VLOGs on our family YouTube channel, Our Tiny Kingdom.

Our children also have kids channel where they do science experiments and fun stuff, Creative Kids.


And finally, after MONTHS of begging, our we have a family friendly gaming channel. We promise to bring fun, quality, family friendly gaming content safe for viewers of all ages. Creative Kids Gaming.


Classes and Tutoring

As a former teacher Jenivieve enjoys creating curriculum for her children. Each week she teaches with different methods and learning style depending on the subject and adjusting to her children needs. Soon we will offer private online tutoring and online classes via Google classroom. 

Free Resources

As I create my kids curriculum I will share it here!