School Supply List: Homeschool Must Haves

School Supply List: Homeschool Must Haves

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Every year, the school supply lists are posted all over the place, and even available right in the stores. No, the homeschooler is not impervious to the maddening back to school rush. But what supplies do homeschoolers need? This is our third year of homeschooling, and I have created a list of things that we use on the regular basis. Some of it will take a little investment, but the pay off is huge. The laminator is a great example. I use a laminator for so many things, and in the long run it ends up saving me money because I am able to reuse stuff that I print. Especially now that I have a kindergartner, I will be reusing things my older son used before.

There is a distinct advantage to reusing things, as well. Just as in regular school, each time the lesson or activity is used, the educator perfects the craft. Certain parts may be adjusted, or dropped, while other parts may be added on to. Laminating makes this a part of the process. Revisiting previously used lessons for the next child only serves to make them more perfect, and thus, more effective.

As for school purchases, I have a great tip: wait. Wait until those school supplies go on clearance. I do this every year and end up saving 75% to 90% on our supplies. This year I spent under $40 for a kindergartner and 2nd grader, and a few things for our 2 year old. That is an incredible deal! Check out the video of my homeschool supply haul!

Back To School Deals: School Supply Haul

I have included a printable check list of our school supply list for you to download below.


School Supplies:

Composition Book (I like these because it creates an instant portfolio and you can easily see progress throughout the year. I use these mostly for morning work.)



Glue sticks

Markers (Only washable, trust me it is worth the investment!)

Crayons (again, only washable)

Paint and brushes


White Paper

Lined Paper

Construction Paper



Sticky Notes



Folder per Kid

Binder for 2nd grader

Clip Boards

Dry Erase Boards

Dry Erase Markers


Wooden Craft Sticks


Do-A-Dot Markers


Laminate Sheets

Hole Punch

Calendar Math

Positivity Chart

Treasure Box



Download your FREE homeschool supply check list here. 


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