Homeschool Schedule For Elementary Students

Homeschool Schedule For Elementary Students

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Our world runs on a schedule. Learning to adhere to a schedule, while allowing for flexibility and adaptations is most healthy for a homeschooling child. This is not to say that it should be followed to a “T” everyday. We all know that the reason many of us homeschool is to allow for wiggle room, and much needed breaks–when they are needed. Most homeschooling families made the choice to keep their beloved kiddos home so that they can shape the day around them, rather than force them into a rigorous routine that doesn’t serve them best.

Our approach is set up in order to provide queues to the child, which are proven to “raise their antennae” for learning. If the child knows the transition into math is coming, their brain will kick into the appropriate gear for math–or they might run and hide under their bed. We certainly have those days and love that we have the flexibility to move on for the day, change up the approach or implement some kind of hands on activity to get through the lesson.

This is a homeschool schedule for elementary students that we loosely follow. Some days we have park day with our homeschooling group, or a camping trip or field trip and we implement the lessons in whatever ways we can. That is part of what makes it so fun. We want our kids to love learning and teach them that life is all about learning.

You will notice that we use a rotating schedule. Mondays and Fridays are “A” days, and Tuesdays and Thursdays are “B” days. Each document has a checkbox section, and a notes section. That way, if you don’t accomplish something, you know that it carries over to the next day in the sequence. Even if you get a little bit done, you can write in the notes section to keep track, and pick up where you left off! We use a planner to plan out our kids curriculum, and move forward or pause as needed. 

We have included a FREE printable blank schedule that you can fill in to your liking, or you can use our schedule that has been proven effective for our family.

Let us know what works best for you!!

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Download your FREE sample homeschool schedule here. 

Download your FREE blank homeschool schedule here. 

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