Medieval Times Orlando: A Knight to Remember!

Medieval Times Orlando: A Knight to Remember!

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yellow knight table in the front rowWe recently visited the Medieval Times Orlando location with our three children, aged 9, 7, and 4. Our family could only base our expectations upon Youtube videos and word of mouth. As first timers, we felt a sense of wonderment as we approached the castle walls. The children gazed, wide-eyed at the warmly lit, stone walls and what might await them inside.


Once across the drawbridge–and safe from whatever beasts lurked beneath–we entered the lobby and ticketing counter. It became clear to us that upgrading our admission would be more than worth the cost. We decided to become VIP’s, which included better seats and special lanyards with exciting ID cards. 


Rooting for Yellow Knight at Medieval Times OrlandoEach group is assigned a color upon entry, which designates them as supporters of a particular knight. The arena is laid out so that patrons sit in whichever color coded area they are assigned. That evening, we sat in the Yellow section, where we would cheer on the Yellow knight as he bravely galloped along on his stead, swung his sword, and jousted with his opponents.


Our VIP upgrade gave us front row seats. Once we were situated, a server greeted us and collected our drink order. There were several chances to purchase photos, light-up toys, and adult beverages as we waited for the tournament to begin. 





Lorelei mesmerized by the amazing showThe showmanship was outstanding from the beginning. The Queen was announced, and one by one, the knights entered the arena. Our little Lorelei (age 4) was given a favor to place upon our brave knights lance, which made her night, and really enhanced the sense of interaction with the crowd.


From that point on, an organized tournament played out inside the arena walls. Our drinks arrived, and the excitement continued on. All of the patrons were served a delicious appetizer of garlic bread with tomato soup. After a few more battles, it was announced that the meal was ready, and a “feast” would be served. Perfectly on queue, servers appeared atop the upper steps, and they dispersed throughout the crowd to deliver our delicious main course; roasted chicken, corn on the cob, and a seasoned potato. 


The most impressive part was that everything could be eaten without utensils! The food was perfectly cooked. It was some of the best chicken we have ever had. The potatoes were excellent, with a little texture on the outside and a soft, warm inside. 


Near the end of the show, a tasty ice cream treat was handed out–but something even bigger was about to happen. The knights had to choose one patron in their section who would be named the Queen of the Tournament.


Lorelei crowned Queen of the TournamentBeing in the front, and insanely cute, our little Lorelei was given the sash, and left the arena proudly displaying her support of the Yellow knight–even though he did not leave victorious. 


We left with bellies full of amazing food, and purchased an additional photo of our family smiling ear to ear, each wearing the nifty crowns we were given at the entrance.


The battles were fierce. There were laughs and plenty of surprises to keep the children engaged. The horsemanship was outstanding. The costumes and weapons were spot on–sparks flew as the knights battled fiercely in hopes of being named Champion.  


The children skipped back over the draw bridge with new, special memories of a unique experience that only Medieval Times can deliver. We would highly recommend this adventure, which was special from the moment we arrived. There truly is nothing like it. Medieval Times Orlando was a beautiful, magical memory for our family and we will definitely go back!

Yellow knight family photo

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