Homeschool Planner: The Well Planned Day

Homeschool Planner: The Well Planned Day

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Are you looking for a Homeschool Planner that meets all of your needs? I have it for you!! This is our second year using The Well Planned Day. It is quite literally the ultimate homeschool planner, and I absolutely love it. You can easily manage your home and homeschool activities all in one place. It also has tons of bonus features, which we love.

Home Planning

The Well Planned Day starts off with a notes section and a preview of what is inside the planner and how to best use it. Each week is broken down by date and has sections for Bible, Math, History, Science, English and two blank spaces. We will fill these with our PE, park and extra curricular activities. The side bar has weekly priorities, dinner menu and weekend activities.

There is also a Keepsake section where you can make notes about your children, including favorite books, movies, special events attended, and more. The special Occasion section allows space to write a note, date and even select an occasion (birthday, anniversary, or other) so you never miss a date.

Finances and Chores

YES! There is a section for each of these as well!! The finance section is broken down by budgeted, actual, and difference so you can keep track of all your expenses. The chorus chart is broken down by day, responsibilities, and special projects. This is more than a homeschool planner, it is a life planner! For older kids there is a chart you can tear out and delegate responsibilities for each day.

Report Cards for Homeschoolers

Conveniently, this amazing homeschool planner has also supplied a teacher and student schedule by hour and weekday so you can easily see and plan what is next. They give you a few of these so you can change it up as needed. There is also a section dedicated to Semester attendance, where there are calendars for the entire year and you can section off your semesters, winter break, spring break and all other days off and holidays. The best part about the calendar is there are progress reports and report cards. I know some homeschoolers don’t use this, but we do. We celebrate the end of each semester (and their accomplishments) and file the report cards away for safe keeping.

The Well Planned Day

The Well Planned Day is really just that! The planner also includes multiple tear sheets for quick and easy shopping lists, inspirational words, and family safety and other articles that are beneficial and interesting. We are switching to a year round schedule and this planner is wonderful for that because it is consistent throughout for each month.

This homeschool planner is fantastic, we will probably use it forever. It allows for up to 4 children so it is very easy to manage if you have more than one child.

Enjoy these features when you receive your new Well Planned Day Homeschool Family Planner:
Homeschool Planning

  • Curriculum Plan & Budgeting for Each Student
  • Daily Schedules for Student & Teacher
  • 4 Perforated Heavy Card Stock Report Cards
  • Semester Goals and Objectives
  • Tear Out Academic Charts for Little Ones
  • Semester Attendance & Progress Reports
  • Monthly Articles for Homeschool Moms
  • Monthly Area: Books Students Read
  • Monthly Area: Field Trips & Activities
  • Weekly Lesson Planning for 4 Students
  • Additional Elective Planning Space
  • Checkboxes to Record Completion or Grades
  • Daily Checkboxes to Record Attendance
  • Five Core Subjects Included on Weekly Pages
  • Weekly Teacher Tip from Well Planned Gal
  • Inspirational Quotes and Scripture

Home Management

    Weekly House Cleaning Schedule

  • Monthly Special Home Projects
  • Special Events & Greeting Cards Registry
  • Read through the Bible in a Year Plan
  • Perforated Chore Charts for Kids
  • Weekly To-Do & Priorities List
  • Weekly Dinner Schedule
  • Tear-Out Shopping Lists
  • Weekend Activities Area
  • Monthly Budgeting and Bill Pay
  • Special Holiday Section

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