About Us


Elly Family

Welcome to Homeschool Educational Resources! We’re Jon and Jen; two homeschooling parents and former professional educators. We’re beyond thrilled to share our vision and enthusiasm for the art of providing a rigorous–yet adventurous–education to our beautiful little bundles of energy. As lifetime partners, we swore an oath to each other that, no matter what, we would educate our own children. We know there are many parents/caregivers who feel the same way, so we seek to empower them with free resources and our zest for this journey.

We have three amazing children who are as quirky as they come. After spending time as public educators in our local school district, we made the biggest decision of our lives: to homeschool them.

Why We Homeschool

Believe us, we ask ourselves “why” on the hard days. But the answer is quite simple.

We simply want to be with them. To laugh with them, to cry with them, to give them a safe place to fail, to be there to pick them up, dust off their knees, and teach them to persevere.

At one point, Jon was working four jobs! Teaching high school, delivering pizzas, teaching drum lessons, AND working as an online content manager. He missed a large chunk of the crucial early years of his eldest son. It was devastating to him. Seeing his little twin for maybe an hour a day, and in between working weekend shifts felt wrong. After seeing families who dropped everything, sold their house, and traveled the country in RVs, Jon was ready to make a change. Maybe we could become a full-time family, too?

Then came Jen’s brain tumor, the premature birth of our daughter, and the death of Jon’s father. Those events were an awakening.

Every moment began to matter. Every meal was a blessing. Every breath was a gift.

Jen was diagnosed with a large, benign brain tumor that had to be removed. The surgery came with great risk, and a long, painful recovery. It was removed during a 10 hour surgery in July of 2016. She still suffers from chronic neck and head pain. She completely lost her hearing in her left ear, and her left balance nerve was severed. As a result, working a regular job outside of the home was not really an option anymore. Jon had to be there for the children during the recovery, and continues to step up on the hard days to make sure the ship sails on.

Working from home became our only option. We chose to restart, rebuild, and share the adventure as we go. And so we started Homeschool Educational Resources!

Our Approach

Our greatest challenge was finding income from within the home. We previously owned and operated an LLC geared toward online content creation, web design, and social media management. We essentially crafted quality online copy that was tuned for search engines and big SEO wins. It worked to an extent, but turned out to be a bubble in a short cycle that eventually burst. The endeavor made other people significant income, which led to the next logical question: could we do it solely for OURSELVES?

Along came 2017. Now, we have invested in quality video production equipment/software and have launched three Youtube Channels, each dedicated to the experience. This website is a sort of central hub for the various projects, which seeks to combine the video content with resources, links, and products that can enable other parents with a desire to make a lifestyle change.

For those hoping to homeschool, we seek to provide resources, ideas, and support to help others join the lifestyle that we have embraced.

We work with our two boys, one of which has Sensory Processing Disorder. We adapt lessons and make accommodations where necessary. We plan lessons according to the current state standards, and use formal and informal assessments to ensure the appropriate level of achievement is met. Clever lesson planning, the use of technology, and tapping into multiple learning styles has always been the approach. When combined with an avid membership in local homeschooling networks, the boys are growing alongside their new friends at weekly meet ups–and even bi-annual campouts.

With this website and combined youtube channel, we hope to provide support, resources and inspiration for anyone who is homeschooling or planning to. Jenivieve creates lessons according to the state standards and will post them as we create them. By the end, this will be a database full of free lesson plans, free printables, videos and more. We will always keep these resources absolutely FREE. We will provide online tutoring and educational counseling in the near future.

We are also writing their first book, coming in 2018.


Meet the Team

Jonathan Elly

Jon is the proud father of three amazing children. He spent eight years in the public school system and loved every minute of it. To supplement his teacher’s salary, Jon also ran an online content management company with his wife, Jen. He resigned from teaching in traditional schools and began working as a percussion instructor, both privately and at several local music stores. As a music instructor, his lifelong passion for drumming combined nicely with his love of teaching. Now, he has partnered with his wife of 13 years to build a new business, centered on family life and homeschooling. The endeavor combines his favorite things; teaching, writing, video games, technology, and most importantly; his own children.


Jenivieve Elly

Jen is a work-from-home, homeschooling super mom, who holds a degree in Elementary Education. She has real chops as a social media manager, SEO blogger, and is an overall new media savant. The love of her children has driven this entrepreneur to take on her most ambitious concept yet; a conglomerate of content driven media projects centered upon her life as a homeschool mom living in a “tiny house,” and loving every minute of it.