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How I can help

Getting Started

I can help you get started on your homeschool journey. From deciding how to register, what curriculum to use, how to plan and organize, we can customize a game plan that will work for your family. Each state has specific guidelines for registration and testing requirements, and I will help you navigate through it seamlessly.

Can I do this?

I get it, teachers have an important job and your child's education is important! But if you care, you can do this. Some people are finding themselves having to homeschool due to Covid-19. It's something that we never imagined happening so the idea may be overwhelming. I can help you succeed!

Creative Planning

Some families work well on a strict schedule, some need more flexibility. What kid of learner is your child? A visual, auditorym, tactile or kinesthetic? I can help you with resources and show you how to plan creative, engaging lessons to fit your childs needs.
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